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As an agency focused on purpose, lvl works closely with some of the world’s leaders in social impact, including Rockefeller Foundation. During the height of COVID-19’s global surge, we worked with the Foundation’s Food Initiative to create easily digestible content about the virus’ link to diet and health. COVID-19 hits people in ways that we don’t totally understand, but with Rockefeller’s hard data based on years of research, we can actually quantify risk factors and propose interventions for better outcomes.

Project and objective

Rockefeller Foundation has been around for over 100 years with the mission to improve the lives of people and our planet. There are few more obvious challenges facing the world right now than COVID-19, but another top contender are the illnesses and weaknesses that come from a poor diet. And it just so happens that these two issues intersect in a nasty way. Diet related co-morbidities can increase your chance of hospitalization odds from COVID-19 up to 16 times. But if that’s true, then there’s hope: diet can be used as a means of protection and represents a vital fork in the road for health in the face of the century’s biggest health crisis. And Rockefeller wanted to make sure that this information got out there.


There are many ways to visually represent data, but few that can chart a path like an infographic. And this huge element of chance and choice related to COVID and diet, pitfalls and fast-tracks, we were immediately reminded of classic board games, especially chutes and ladders. Our board game concept resonated with Rockefeller, and the information campaign took shape around a visual based on a person’s journey through choice and chance, COVID and diet. We used clear, crisp fonts and strong colors that reinforce the distinct paths that people can take, deepening in color as time and severity progresses. Small features nod to classic board games, and the viewer is shown enticing (or threatening) fast tracks.

The infographic aims to impress the dangers of a poor diet, not always the result of choice but more often of condition, and how healthful interventions can lower one’s risk of noncommunicable diseases and therefore the severity of COVID-19, as well as future pandemics.


The infographic and related article were first launched on Nutrition Connect, then reposted to the Rockefeller Foundation’s blog, where it spread to social media and garnered more than 360k impressions. It’s been over a year that COVID-19 has dominated our online platforms, and in order to not get lost in the torrent, lvl and Rockefeller shaped their data into an engaging and eye-catching experience.

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