Our team

At lvl, our talented creatives craft purpose-driven work that resonates emotionally, leaving lasting impressions and elevating brands.


Executive director

Bruce has helped Fortune 100s, national nonprofits and leading institutions tell their stories in ways that create lasting impact. He works with clients who understand the power of purpose to engage teams and audiences at a deeper level than what traditional branding and marketing can produce.


Creative director

Naim has a background in communications for tech companies, startups and NGOs. As an illustrator himself Naim helps translate companies’ mission and purpose into visual pieces people love and resonate with.


Purpose officer

With a knack for unearthing unique company potentials, Bridget brings her HR and business development expertise to bear, helping our clients reach their highest ambitions. Her insight and leadership drive our success in the dynamic landscape of design and consultancy.


Social media lead

Sheila leverages the power of social media and branding to elevate mission-driven organizations. As the founder of SEG Media Collective, she's crafted award-winning brands, demonstrating her deep understanding of strategic marketing.



With over 25 years of experience in NYC's vibrant design scene, Chung has crafted compelling brand communications for top-tier agencies and organizations. His portfolio boasts collaborations with influential entities like General Electric, Blackstone, and American Express.


Video lead

Emmy-nominated Writer-Director-Producer, formerly with MTV / Viacom, RCN and Granahan McCourt. Award winning brand strategist and creative whose long list of clients include ABC, Coca-Cola, Ebay, Fox, HP, Intel, McCann Erickson, Nike and Samsung.



As an illustrator Bea enjoys turning concepts into fun, useful and visually engaging projects. Bea’s goal is to communicate ideas, while delivering value and feeling through fresh and colorful compositions.


Marketing & Operations

Artis bolsters operations, strategic partnerships and marketing across various projects - from video to website development. His substantial contributions to high-profile clients like Comerica Bank and Sinai Technologies underscore our mission to help clients realize their highest purpose.



Paula is a versatile Creative Art Director and Graphic Designer, using her talent to drive positive social impact across sectors. Her expertise ranges from brand identities to web design, contributing to the success of projects for a diverse set of clients.

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